September 04, 2016

4 Week Bikini Body Workout

There are two very important factors that help to make a perfect bikini body. There is the Kayla Itsines workout is one factor and having a great diet too. In this article I will look at the various workouts that one can use so as to get a bikini body.

Bench hop

The exercise is good for the whole body. Stay at the step or at the bench on the right side. Your abs should be tight, legs together and the hands on the bench side. Hop over the bench with your legs and get back to the starting point. That will complete one repetition.

Isometric Exerciser Row

It aims to work on your abs, biceps and back. On the isometric exerciser cable, place your left leg. When bending, grasp the cable until it is close to you. Pull up the cable until it reach your waist and take it down once more. The repetition will be complete when you go to the other side and follow the same procedure.

Bicep curls

The exercise will aim at the shoulders and the biceps. When sitting on the step or on the bench, grasp the isometric exerciser. On one cable place your right leg and grasp the other cable with your palms. Curl the cable to your shoulder without making any movement on your body. Complete the repetition by changing sides and using the other hand.

Resistance band altering press

It will work on your core and shoulders. At the middle of the resistance bands, place the two of your feet. Grasp and handle on any of the sides. Make sure that the palm of your hand is facing upwards. Press the left hand on the upward direction then downwards as you start to press the right hand upwards. You can then put your palms together and press them upward in the same direction. This is how you complete the repetition.

The tick tock

It will aim at the whole core. Lay flat on the ground as you look up. Your hands should be spread on the both sides. Your legs should be extended straight to your hips. The shoulders should always be on the ground and the legs as low as possible on the right side. To complete the repetition, repeat the same procedure on the left side.

To get maximum results from the workouts, you need to have some tips. Ensure you do the cardio workout for at least three days in a week. When doing the moderate intensity exercises, do them for at least thirty minutes. You can do some other workouts for another two days in a week. Repetition makes you to get the full benefit from the workout. Sleep for at least eight hours at food with high fiber and proteins. These foods help your blood sugar to stabilize. It also avoids the fluctuations of insulin that causes excess fat in the body.

When you follow the above bikini body tips and Kayla Itsines workout, they you will have a nice time in the beach with your bikini during the summer season.

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September 03, 2016

Flat-Abs Bodyweight Workout Infographic

Check this Infographic For Flat-Abs Bodyweight Workout.

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